All-In-One SIM
(For existing customer only)

Service Charges

Service Details (Renewal service for existing customers) Charge (HK$)
Local voice call Mobile to Mobile $0.05/min
Mobile to Fixed Lines $0.06/min
(Mon-Fri: 11pm - 11am; Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)
(Mon - Fri: 11am - 11pm)
Local SMS Intra-network $0.3 / SMS (Applicable to designated Prepaid SIM)
Inter-network $0.7 / SMS
International SMS Mainland China $1.0 / SMS
Macau / Taiwan $2.0 / SMS
Others $5.0 / SMS
Roaming SMS Mainland China / Macau / Taiwan $2.0 / SMS
Others $5.0 / SMS
Travel Coverage & Tariff
IDD Service IDD001/IDD1968
+ Local airtime charge
Mainland China Number $19 / 30-Day
Effective from 5 July 2023, free local intra SMS service has been suspended and the charge of local inter SMS has been adjusted to $0.7/SMS.
Local Data Package Charge (HK$)
2-Day FUP 3GB# $18
2-Day 2.5GB FUP# and 38 Local voice mins $38
3-Day 3GB FUP# $38
7-Day 3.5GB FUP# and 88 Local voice mins $88
14-Day 5GB FUP# $88
14-Day 5GB FUP# and 168 Local voice mins $168
30-Day4 50MB $18
30-Day4 5GB $38
30-Day4 10GB $48
30-Day4 30GB $98
90-Day4 70GB Local data + 50GB Social Media data15 $248
365-Day 46GB Local data + 20GB Social Media data15 and 500 Local voice mins $198
365-Day 120GB $365
30-Day4 20GB Social Media data15 $8
30-Day4 Night Fever Unlimited Data Pack11-14 $20
Travel Data Day Pass5-10 Designated Destinations Data Package Charge (HK$)
Mainland China | HK | Macau Mainland China / HK / Macau 1-Day/1GB $20
3-Day/3GB $38
10-Day/1.2GB $78
15-Day/1GB $168
30-Day/300MB $38
30-Day/6GB $68
90-Day/8GB $98
180-Day/10GB $118
365-Day/8GB $488
HK / Macau 5-Day/1GB $98
Asia Taiwan 5-Day/5GB $90
10-Day/10GB $128
Japan 10-Day/FUP 10GB# $188
Singapore / Malaysia / Thailand 10-Day/FUP 3GB# $108
South Korea 8-Day/FUP 10GB# $105
America USA 30-Day Roaming Data and Voice
USA / Mexico / Canada 30-Day Roaming Data and Voice
Voice service is applicable in USA and Canada only
USA / Canada 15-Day/FUP 3GB# $188
Europe Austria / Denmark / Ireland / Italy / Sweden / UK 8-Day/1GB $108
Worldwide Travel Up to 81 destinations
10-Day Travel Data $68
15-Day Travel Data $138
30-Day Travel Data $248
VoLTE Voice Call Package Charge (HK$)
30-Day4 - VoLTE Voice Call
- Extra 1,000 Local Voice Mins
180-Day4 - VoLTE Voice Call
- Extra 5,000 Local Voice Mins
365-Day4 - VoLTE Voice Call
- Extra 12,000 Local Voice Mins
  • VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) means connection of voice and video call through 4G LTE network
  • VoLTE service is only available under 4G LTE network coverage with designated handsets
  • Turn off VoLTE function is required when using IDD service
  • If VoLTE voice service not in use, the call will be calculated as the normal local call minutes
  • VoLTE voice call handset setting
IDD1966 Package
Charge (HK$) $56/30 days
Designated Countries Calling to Fixed Lines and Mobile Numbers Calling to Fixed Lines
China, USA, Canada, Singapore UK, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
Voice Mail Service Package
Charge (HK$) $5/30-Day
Service Details
  • This service will be renewed automatically every 30 days and package charge will be deducted from the remaining balance of prepaid SIM
  • Once the service is activated, calls received in busy, no answer and unreachable conditions will be forwarded to voice mail automatically
  • To check voice message, local and travel voice airtime will be charged
  • Regardless of whether you are in Hong Kong or overseas, calls forwarded to voice mailbox will be charged at local airtime rate if you are in (Hong Kong) or travel voice airtime rate if you are in (overseas)

    Reminder: You can forward all incoming calls by (**21*Hong Kong telephone number#) to another Hong Kong telephone number or (**21*1963323232#) to voice mailbox before leaving Hong Kong to avoid extra charges during travel
How to use Check voice message and change settings
Call to voice mailbox via Prepaid SIM card Call to voice mailbox via fixed line
(Applicable to Hong Kong only)
+852 6332-3232
Recharge & Bonus
AlipayHK Mobile Application
Internet Setting
*4.5G applicable to selected local data package only.
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